Clark County - like every jurisdiction - has safeguards to ensure eligible voters get only one vote.

The Facts

By law, states have voter registration safeguards to ensure that only eligible citizens are registered to vote. Election officials, for instance, verify registrations against other official records, like DMV and felon databases.

In addition, mailed ballots and their envelopes are designed with numerous security features, such as personalized barcodes, to guarantee that only one ballot is cast per person. Ballots are printed on special, identifiable paper, and every ballot is inspected to ensure it is valid for the election being conducted. 

The most recent estimate of the citizen voting aged-population in Clark County, NV is 1,514,146 people. The total number of registered voters in the county is 1,448,016. As of November 4, there have been 798,908 votes cast by county voters in the 2020 general election. Claims that exaggerate these figures are false.

Last updated Wednesday, November 4, 2020 11:36 PM EST

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