Georgia voters who have an unreturned absentee ballot can still vote in person, even if they don't bring their absentee ballot with them.

The Facts

Voters across multiple counties in Georgia have reported being incorrectly told that they must have their absentee ballots with them in order to cancel them and vote in person. As long as they have not already voted with their absentee ballot, Georgia voters who have requested an absentee ballot can cancel their absentee ballot and vote a regular ballot at a polling place, regardless of whether or not they have their absentee ballot with them. 

According to official guidance from the Georgia Secretary of State, voters who have received an absentee ballot can give it to the poll manager of the precinct in which they are registered and vote a regular ballot at their polling place. As long as the completed absentee ballot has not been returned and received by the board of registrars, voters without their absentee ballots can appear in person to make a written request to the registrar or absentee ballot clerk to cancel their absentee ballot and vote in person.

In all states except Kentucky, voters who have received a mail ballot, either because they requested it or because their state sent one automatically, can still cast a ballot in person as long as they have not already returned their mail ballot.  Bringing the mail ballot to the polling place will allow election workers to more easily issue a regular ballot, but it is not a requirement. In some states, voters who do not bring their mail ballots with them may be required to vote using a provisional ballot.

Last updated Tuesday, November 3, 2020 7:23 PM EST

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