Pennsylvania ballots postmarked on Election Day should be counted, according to official guidance.

The Facts

Current guidance from Pennsylvania officials dictates that ballots postmarked on Election Day that arrive by 5pm on November 6 will be counted. Ballots that arrive by that deadline with missing or illegible postmarks will also be counted. The Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth has authorized counties to proceed with canvassing and counting of these ballots, but also ordered the count of the ballots and the ballots themselves be segregated in the event of a rule change.
A post by the Commissioner of Lancaster County incorrectly contradicts the most recent state guidance to count these ballots. On October 28, the Supreme Court refused a plea to expedite a challenge to the current rule that ballots that arrive by the Friday deadline shall be counted. The issue remains before the court, but will not be resolved before voting ends.  

Last updated Tuesday, November 3, 2020 5:03 PM EST

Trusted Sources

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