The USPS’s “extraordinary measures” to expedite the delivery of mail ballots led to some confusion.

The Facts

The USPS took “extraordinary measures” to expedite the delivery of mail ballots this election. These efforts  are not fully captured in delivery scan data that has been shared. Current claims about the delivery status of mail ballots are misleading and do not reflect the complete picture of USPS delivery actions. The USPS reports that the data in question has “little to no analytical value.” 

In court filings, the USPS stated that they “again caution that this data is unreliable and does not reflect accurate service performance reporting...Accordingly, Defendants maintain that the data possesses little to no analytical value and should not be considered a reliable indicator of performance.”

Gaps in the data can largely be explained by the “extraordinary measures” USPS employees took to expedite the delivery of ballots. These measures include arranging for “local turnaround” for offices that serve, or are close to Elections Offices. Local turnaround meant that employees manually postmarked ballots and delivered ballots directly to the Board of Elections, where those ballots are counted. This reportedly resulted in those ballots bypassing parts of the processing system. 

This is an ongoing story.

Last updated Wednesday, November 4, 2020 2:36 PM EST

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