Remaining votes in Allegheny County will be counted on Friday as dictated by Election Code requirements.

The Facts

Allegheny County, PA has over 35,000 outstanding mail ballots that won’t be counted until Friday, according to County Executive Rich Fitzgerald. These ballots require extra scrutiny, so must be handled by members of a special return board, who will be sworn in tomorrow (as stipulated by state election code).  

Around 29,000 of these ballots involve voters who received the wrong ballot from a vendor and had to be sent a corrected one. A court dictated that since these voters were sent two ballots, special attention needs to be paid to their ballots to ensure that they vote only once and for the correct races. 

The remaining ~6,000 ballots require manual review because the scanners could not process them for one reason or another - such as creases in the ballots.

Last updated Thursday, November 5, 2020 1:35 PM EST

More Information

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